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Order your t-shirt

We are doing a redo of the tshirt order. This needs to be done by EVERYONE by Friday at noon please.

  1. Make sure to select the correct size. The default size is a small and I know that not what most of you want.
  2. You must hit the “Add name and number to back” in order to enter your name on there. 
  3. Your individual name should be exactly what you want on back. A nickname, your last name or whatever. I will proof this before it is ordered. If you put something that sounds ugly to strangers you won’t get it. So be careful.
  4. Your individual number should be your graduation year:
    1. Seniors – 20
    2. Juniors – 21
    3. Sophomore – 22
    4. Freshmen – 23
  5. The last step is to enter your delivery name and email. This should not be a nickname. I need your real name here in order to know who to pass it out to. Make sure to enter an email that you can check. Until you receive a receipt in your email you are not finished and don’t have a shirt yet.

Here’s the link to place your shirt order:

interact tshirt