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October Needs

I have a few needs that will earn you service hours:

1. I need a couple seniors who get out early to take our food collection over to the food bank in Monroe. My classes will help you load it in the back of a truck. It won't fit in a car.

2. I need my hoco decor committee to meet me in the gym 10/3 at 3:30. We will meet for about 30 minutes to make a list of materials for me to order.

3. The school supply drive went very well. The only missing pieces right now are: pocket folders, dividers and a few more binders. Please get those in by Friday so I can go ahead a give credit hours.

4. And lastly, I hope you are all planning to come to the California info meeting Oct 3. Its going to be a great trip and I would love for you guys to come. Its open to Interact and Biology Club kids. Meeting in the Library at 6pm Thursday.