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Possible new California Dates

We are looking at moving the dates of the trip to California to early May. I super worried about trying to go to Yosemite during the cold weather months of February or March. We would have to wear snow boots and have super heavy coats to even walk to see the waterfalls or overlooks. I think we would have a much better experience in May with the spring thaw. Also, this would allow us to stretch out our payments to April and they would not have to be so big each time. I’m waiting for the school to approve our new dates. We are trying to squeeze it in after testing and before graduation. I think this would allow more or our athletes to go with us also.

Secondly, our travel agent has had some serious family problems and her brother has recently been moved to hospice care so I haven’t yet received our flight quote. So the price of the trip is still not set.

Deposits still need to be made in order to reserve your spot. Please bring a check that I will just hold onto until the dates are set. I will then let you know whether I will be giving them straight to the travel agent or deposit them into a trip account. If the new dates won’t work for you I will be able to give it back to you at that time.

Paperwork will not be given out or need to be signed until we get permenent dates. Thank you for your patience as we get things ironed out.