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Time to pick a new date

Ok guys so we now have two new date options. Both of them have scheduling issues but they are better than blizzards and missed ballgames. I will send a link to vote next week. So yall think about it, discuss it, send me any questions and we will vote next week. This will open it up to more people so be sure to tell your friends.

May 7-12

  • Makeups for EOC test –  You absolutely can not miss your scheduled EOC test because this is when you would have to make up :(
  • State Track Meet
  • Many AP Tests fall during these days.

May 15-20

  • This would be during finals week at WM, so you will have to make arrangements to take your test early with your teachers if you have any to take.
  • There are 2 AP tests scheduled during this week.
  • This is after WMHS graduation

AP schedule

Ap week 2 schedule