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Promotion Policy

 Grade 9

A 9th grade student (Freshman) is one who has acquired between 0 and 5 Carnegie units and has been promoted as a result of passing all required coursework and testing at the culmination of 8th grade. At the end of the 9th grade year, to be considered a 10th grader (Sophomore), students must have acquired at least 6 credits *Credits must include one credit each of math and English

Grade 10

At the end of the 10th grade school year, to be considered an 11th grader (Junior), students must have earned 11 credits *Two courses each in English and Math, and one required course in Science and Social Studies.  10th grad students make the decision to pursue either the Jump Start TOPS Tech or TOPS graduation pathway.  Students in the TOPS Tech graduation pathway are required to have two approved Jump Start elective credits for placement in the 11th grade.

Grade 11

At the end of the 11th grade year, to be considered a 12th grader (Senior), students must have acquired 17 units of credit that include three courses each in English, Math, and two courses each in Science, and Social Studies.

Grade 12

Must have acquired 24 units for TOPs graduation pathway (23 for students in the TOPS Tech graduation pathway—9 units must be elective credits from the selected major pathway and pass necessary industry-based certifications (IBCs)), including all required courses, and have passed the required EOC and/or LEAP 2025 HS tests shall be eligible for graduation in accordance with Bulletin 741

*Students identified under ACT 833 have alternative graduation requirements designated in their IEP. Students are required to attempt IBC acquisition, but failure to acquire the sought IBC does not prevent graduation


Effective beginning with the 2018-2019 School Year and beyond...