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About Student Council

What is student council? 

We are a group of student officers elected by their peers and members who work together to address issues of concern and organize student events and activities.

What events?

We do various events across campus.  We are responsible for the planning and decorating of Jr. Sr. Prom each year.  Each year we work to promote awareness about Student Council through our spring Student Council Week activities.  We will also be planning and preparing for the LASC convention.  

We attend the annual Student Council convention as well as the LASC (Louisiana Assoc. of Student Councils) summer workshop.

What about Convention?

Each year we send 10-12 members to the LASC convention.  They are held at a different school every year.  We are excited to announce that WMHS has been chosen to host the 2023 convention.  This means we will be working very hard to plan and prepare for roughly 2000 students from across the state to join us here at our school in January of 2023.  

How do I join?

If you would like to simply join as a member, you must complete the representative application linked on the tab that says Representative Application.  If you are in 9th grade right now and would like to serve as President or Vice President of your 9th-grade class, you must complete the representative application linked on the tab that says 2021-2022 Freshman Officer Application.


We would love to have you join WMHS Student Council.  If you are unsure and would like more information you are welcome to see one of the advisors (Mrs. Nix room 3202, Mrs. Anders 4109, or Mrs. Jones 6205) or you can join us at our first meeting on September 7th at 6:30 pm in the WMHS Library.