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Current Membership Requirements-Seniors

Current Events:

  1. Join Google Classroom: Class code-2cdaf3m
  2. Fill out the Google Form on the Classroom: t-shirt vote and size, sign up to run for an office.
  3. Vote for Officers (Monday-Wednesday September 9-11); officers will be annouced Friday, September 13th
  4. T-shirt money ($15) should be paid online by September 20th must be worn on Club Picture Day. 
  5. Signed welcome letter, copy of current transcipt and schedule due to Mrs. Lovelady by September 20th 

Each National Honor Society Member must maintain the following throughout their senior year.

  1. Community Service Requirements: Participate in 2 Community Service Projects. Do not delay and plan accordingly. Four opportunities are offered throughout the year that are National Honor Society approved. A. Grace Ministries Donation (Mid October) B.  Talent/Game Night hosted at a local Nursing Home (November) C. Humane Shelter Clean Up (January) D. Great American Clean Up (Mid-March) 
  2.  Maintain a GPA of 3.3 
  3. No more than one major office referral. No more than two minor office referrals. (Collectively thorughout their entire high school career)
  4. Be enrolled in at least four courses per semester 7th hour PE classes will be monitored.
  5. Attend induction rehearsal and the ceremony - Sunday February 23, 2020 at 2 o’clock
  6. Maintain the highest levels of personal conduct, loyalty to school, respect for self and authority, and honesty in class work and dealing with others.