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Appliations may be picked up in Mrs. Lovelady’s room (3205) or any Junior English teacher. Completed applications are due back to Mrs. Lovelady by 3:00 Friday, January 17th. Students will be informed of their membership status on Tuesday, Feburary the 11th.  Please read through the criteria below before completing an application.

Scholarship Criteria

1. The student must have an earned GPA of at least 3.3 (no rounding) as reported on their transcript.

2. Students must have at least six college prepatory courses from the list below. The courses must be on the transcript to be considered.  

Anatomy and Physiology, FACS Speech II, III, IV Biology II Art II, III, IV Chemistry I, II ROTC III, IV Physics I, II Foreign Language I, II, III Calculus Advanced Band or Pre-Calculus or Advanced Math Advanced Choir Geometry and Algebra II (1 credit for participation (One credit for 2 courses) in all years) English III AP Physical Education I, II, III, IV English IV AP (1 credit for participation in European History or World History all years) Business Computer Applications All Honors or GT level classes (only 2 may be included from the 9th and 10th grade)

3. Students must be committed to enrolling in at least three academic classes during the entire course of their membership during their senior year.

Character Criteria

1. Students must receive at least six teacher recommendations. Teachers will give special consideration to behavior, attitude, honesty, attendance, and punctuality.

2. Students applying for membership will not be considered and current members will be dropped from membership if they receive more than two Discipline Reports, or one major referral. This will be checked in Student Services by the advisors after the application has been turned in.

Leadership Criteria

1. Students must describe at least 2 examples of ways in which they demonstrated leadership abilities during their high school years. These examples must be specific and include duties performed.

Service Criteria

Applicants must submit at least 2 examples of service to their school or community during their high school years. These examples must be specific and should include duties performed.

Maintaining Membership Once Inducted:  To maintain membership in the National Honor Society, students must

1. Pay $10 dues prior the induction ceremony.

2. Maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 

3. Complete four service projects their senior year.

4. Committ to enrolling in at least three academic courses their senior year (English, Math, Science, Social Studies or Foreign Language).

5. Attend Induction rehearsal and ceremony‚Äč

‚Äč6. Student and Parent/Guardain signature accepting and acknowedging the new by-laws. 

7. Maintain the highest levels of personal conduct, loyalty to school, respect for self and authority, and honest in class work and dealing with others. Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in being dropped from membership in the National Honor Society.