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2024 Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments for the 24-25 School Year

WMHS students take Honors, Dual Enrollment, AP, Gifited or other college-level courses for more intellectually challenging content and atmosphere.  The rigor of these high school courses is a major consideration by colleges in their admissions decisions.  It demonstrates an ability and willingness to work hard and pursue academic excellence.  All Honors, Dual Enrollment, AP, and Gifited teachers expect you to learn at a faster pace than a standard class.  These courses cover similar content, however they also add more depth to the material.


Several WMHS courses require summer assignments (see the assignment links listed below). These assignments will be due the first full day of school for students. WMHS does not allow students to complete and turn in the assignment during the course if they do not complete the assignment over the summer. Failure to turn in the assignment will result in a zero for their first grade of the semester. Students will not be dropped from the course because they did not complete the required summer assignment.

English Summer Assignments:

Pre-AP English I (9th Grade)

Pre-AP English II (10th Grade)

English III Honors

AP English Language and Composition (English III AP)

English IV Dual Enrollment and Honors

AP English Literature and Composistion (English IV AP)

Math Summer Assignments:

AP Calculus

Science Summer Assingments:

AP Biology (Biology 2 AP)

AP Chemistry (Chemisty 2 AP)

AP Environmental Science