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Div I Dist I All-District Teams

Posted Date: 03/04/2019

Division 1 District 1, All District Team

Most Valuable Player                       Ridha Alkaabi,, MID, Pineville

Offensive MVP                                 Slayte Taylor, FW, Alexandria

Defensive MVP                               Zach Clear, DEF, Pineville

Goalkeeper MVP                             Brandon Cespiva, GK, Pineville

Coach of the Year                            Greg Comeaux, Pineville

First Team                                              Second Team

Jack Price, GK, Alexandria                                                            Caleb Cruz, GK, Airline

Reid Robinson, GK, C.E. Byrd                                                      James Theus, DEF, Alexandria

Ashton Morris, DEF, Airline                                                          Andrew Bolton, DEF, Alexandria

Caden Reynolds, DEF, Alexandria                                             Nicky Sepulvado, DEF, C.E. Byrd

Carson Jones, DEF, C.E. Byrd                                                       Andrew Pernell, DEF, Captain Shreve

Peter Vanhoy, DEF, Captain Shreve                                         Eythan Foxworth, MID, Alexandria

Jacob Womack, DEF, West Monroe                                         Nick Jump, MID, Airline

Dylan Comeaux, MID, Alexandria                                             Gage Simpson, MID, Captain Shreve

Ethan Patton, MID, CE, Byrd                                                        Josue Delgado, MID, West Monroe

Joseph Lattier, MID, Captain Shreve                                        Tung Khai, FWD, Airline

Josh Nelson, MID, Pineville                                                         Wes Goines, FWD, Captain Shreve

Lanzel Burton, MID, West Monroe                                          

Dylan Foxworth, FWD, Alexandria                                           

Daniel Abrego, FWD, C.E. Byrd

Dave Guttierrez, FWD, Captain Shreve


Honorable Mention

Abram Baker, FW, Alexandria; Noor Isa, MID, Alexandria; Cameron Baker, DEF, Alexandria; Anthony Powell, DEF, Alexandria; Nathan Grace, DEF, Airline; Adam Bihler, MID, Airline; Kyne Wilke, DEF, Airline; Nick Whitton, DEF, C.E. Byrd; Patrick Simon, MID, Captain Shreve, Andrew Clark, DEF, Captain Shreve; Reese Weeks, DEF, Pineville; Tate Bratcher, DEF, Pineville; Dylan Buell, DEF, Pineville, William Roche, FWD, Pineville; Wesley Calloway, FWD, Southwood; Antonio Robinson, MID, Southwood; Bradius Broussard, DEF, Southwood; Eli Fitzgerald, DM, West Monroe; Jackson Ford, Fwd, West Monroe; Alex Sanchez, MID, West Monroe