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New California Info - Whos going? When is $$ due?

California Info… As of 10/9/2019


Right now we are leaning towards the February dates of Feb 13-18th. 


Deposits of $350 will be due Oct 22nd. This is the only way to guarantee your spot.


We still have room for more, so please tell your friends to complete the survey if they would like to be added to this list. Also, please remind your parents to complete the survey  if they plan to travel with us.


Students who have signed up are below… this will change when deposits are due and when we choose a positive date. I will try to update regularly so that you will know who has signed up.



  1. Bailey, Lade’ Breunna
  2. Cady, Andrew
  3. Fontenot, Zachary
  4. Kirodi, Anna
  5. Walker, Andrew
  6. Zimmer, Kelsey


  1. Bannister, Anna Claire
  2. Bodan, Joshua
  3. Compton, Katie
  4. Dixon, Caroline
  5. Dixon, Garrison
  6. Dupuy, Laura Katherine
  7. Eaton, Kamryn
  8. Edwards, Karoline
  9. Foster, Mackenzie
  10. Frost, Savannah
  11. Hayden, Maddie
  12. Kirkland, Elise
  13. McCartney, Mackenzie
  14. McMahan, Joseph
  15. McMahan, James
  16. Painich, Maddie
  17. Snuggs, Madeline
  18. Stephenson, Graham
  19. Terrell, Joy
  20. Thompson, Mason
  21. Young, Samaria


  1. Eaton, Sydney
  2. Frantom, Kirsty
  3. Johnson, Zach
  4. Lister, Makayla
  5. McGough, Chase
  6. Murray, Emory
  7. Robertson, Mia
  8. Simmons, Elise
  9. Thornton, Callan


  1. Knox, Kylie


  1. Knox, stacey
  2. Thornton, Chamie
  3. Chappell, Jessica