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LEAP Remediation


LEAP Retest Schedule

Monday, June 24, 2024: Algebra I & Geometry

Tuesday, June 25, 2024: U.S. History

Wednesday, June 26, 2024: English I & English II

Thursday, June 27, 2024: Biology


Students who missed testing during the original testing window or need to recover a failing a test score are eligible for retesting. Students MUST be registered to retest to guarantee participation. Email for registration or questions.

For students currently attending remediation, the bus routes will continue to run during the week of testing.

For students only attending retesting, bus routes will be available for the afternoon only to take students home. Families MUST provide transporation to the school the morning of the retest.


FREE Summer Remediation is available for students scoring UNSATISFACTORY on one or more of the LEAP 2025 tests. Remediation is a tutoring program that will better prepare your student for LEAP 2025 retesting in a particular subject area(s). Passing these assessments is a state of Louisiana graduation requirement. The sooner your student attends remediation and retests, the better their chance of passing the test. The more time that transpires, the harder it becomes to pass the test without retaking the entire course. This type of remediation is not offered during the school year. It is only offered during the month of June each year. Spots are limited and classes fill quickly.

Summer remediation will be Monday through Thursday from 8 am until 12 pm (noon) starting Monday, June 3rd and ending on Thursday, June 20th. All students who participate in summer remediation should arrive at the Main Office entrance at 7:50 each morning and wait in the lobby for dismissal to class. The student can drive if applicable, you may drop/pick them up, or we offer bus routes for Summer Remediation.

ALL students participating in remediation MUST provide their own transportation for the morning of June 3. Bus routes will begin when taking students home after the conclusion of the first day of remediation.

Summer Retesting will be the week of June 24. A detailed schedule of which test will be given on which days of the week will be distributed once Summer Remediation begins. 

A physical form must be returned by Thursday, May 30. Physical forms were handed out to students or will come in the mailed report cards. Any further questions can be directed to