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Response to Video Posted to Social Media

by School News

Posted on January 20, 2022

Recent comments made in our community and posted to social media do not in any way reflect the feelings or teachings here at West Monroe High School. Much like our community, we were shocked by the language used in the video. This video, as well as the threatening responses to it, are being investigated by the school administration. While we are unable to comment on individual students - this matter is not taken lightly. 

West Monroe High School faculty and staff do not condone any form of racism. Our diverse student body and community believe that harmony and respect start with each of us. This type of language has no place in our school or our community.  West Monroe High School has enjoyed much success in Academics, Arts, and Athletics – all made possible through the help and support of all our community. Please do not measure the character of our students or school through this one action.  Young people make mistakes - as do we all. Our daily choices can either build or undermine unity. It is important that we learn from these mistakes and let lessons learned shape our character.

West Monroe High School continues to resolve to be wholeheartedly devoted to the overall education of ALL our youth, while intentionally using our influence to add value to each student whose life we touch.